Settling In

When I arrived in the Czech Republic in 2004, there wasn’t much in the way of organized help for new expats to navigate the various aspects of life here.

Happily, things have changed and help is available. was established in 2009 and has 6 branches around the country. This agency hosts monthly meet ups of expats and offers a diverse set of services to foreigners in the Czech Republic:


If your target city in the Czech Republic is Brno, then taking out a free membership at the Brno Expat Centre website will certainly benefit you.

The BEC was extablished in 2010 and is a very well connected group. Membership on their website will give you access to many articles about living and working in Brno. BEC also organises a number of seminars relating to various aspects of living in Brno:


An additional resource in Brno is the South Moravian Regional Centre to Support the Integration of Foreigners. This is a project created by the South Moravia region that offers a number of services to foreigners from both EU and non-EU countries living in the region.