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The Czech Republic, in Others’ Shoes

I’m certainly not the only one out there blogging about life in the Czech Republic and it goes without saying that my reasons for writing about my second homeland are not the same as others have.

Some come for the long term, others much shorter. Some come to teach English or other languages, others come to study, still others are sent by their employers to work in a Czech branch office….the list of reasons to be here goes on.

This list of other Czech related blogs will give you access to more insights and experiences of Czech natives and people who have taken the chance to live here:

BRNOguide: This is the website of an independent tour guide based in Brno. She offers some pre-prepared tours around Brno and to surrounding sites. Aside of tour guiding, she also offers language services as an interpreter at bureaucratic offices, doctors and so forth.

Amazing Czechia: This is a very well put together and comprehensive website for anyone planning a trip to the Czech Republic. It includes not only suggestions of places to visit, but also activities to participate in, practical travel advice along with book recommendations.

Tracy’s Travels: This is the blog of a long term expat living in the Czech Republic. It covers her travels around the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

Nomad Society: If you want the chance to see the great outdoors of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, you may want to check out the Nomad Society. This page is run by three friends who offer guided tours to various locales in both countries.

Honest Blog: This blog is run by a couple of Prague based guys and is a great resource from a local’s point of view for the hits and misses of the nation’s capital. If you’re thinking of visiting Prague or other points in the Czech Republic, this blog and its associated Youtube channel will show you common tourist pitfalls to avoid and hidden gems off the beaten path that you really shouldn’t miss.

Czech Film Review: Considering taking in a bit of Czech cinema? Visit this film review site run by a Brno based British Expat first. A good selection of classic and contemporary Czech films are reviewed here.

Slow Czech: Run by a native Czech who teaches Czech to foreigners, this site has a number of podcasts and other listening examples of Czech language in a variety of situations and at a variety of levels. The emphasis is on being communicative in the language and the grammar component is light.

Good Czech: Started in 2018, Good Czech is a language learning blog that is very helpful for reading practice if you’re trying to come to grips with the Czech language. It presents a selection of short articles for reading that have a Czech/English glossary section at the end. The articles are relatively simple in skill ability required and present subject matter that is relevant to everyday life. Chances are good that you’ll use a lot of the vocabulary this site gives you with regularity.

Tres Bohemes: This very extensive blog is run by a Czech born woman living in America and her two daughters. The exhausting volume of Czech related information here will keep you busy exploring the blog for hours.

Prague By Katy: This blog is run by a Prague based certified independent tour guide. She’s a native Czech and can show you aspects of the capital, as well as other Czech localities, that regular tourist information might not.

Tasting the World: While not exclusive in Czech subject matter, this blog is written by a Czech who spent time living as an expat in the UK. The blog explores her two big passions in life: food and travel. There’s quite a few good articles about Czech food and places of interest to visit in the Czech lands.

The Blansko Klobása: If you want to learn a bit about the Czech Republic and have leanings for beer, sausage and football (soccer), then The Blansko Klobása is for you. Through this group of football fanatics, you’ll be introduced to great Czech beers while getting some insights into the Czech football scene and getting glimpses at some of the more out of the way spots in the country.

Czech Cookbook: Authentic recipes for authentic Czech dishes, presented by an authentic Czech. Lots of good recipes with “How to” videos included.

Christopher’s Expat Adventure: An American Expat Adventure in Brno, Czech Republic. There’s lots of good info here not only about the Czech Republic, but places you can visit easily from there.

Adventurings: A great blog run by an American expat based in the south-west of the country.

Smiling Czech: An English blog about living in the Czech republic: local tips for places to visit, thoughts about the Czech life style and Czech people.

Non-Czech Blogs of Interest

Chlohemian: The blog of an American woman who lived in the Czech lands from 2014 to 2018 before moving on to Denmark. Some good information here about life in the Czech Republic, the language and other places she’s visited.

Kafkadesk: This is an interesting blog as its focus is tightly on news from the Visegrad Four nations; Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. News items related to politics, economics, culture, sports, history and food from those four countries can be found here.

Czeching Out: The adventures of an Irish guy who spent two years living in the central city of Pardubice. While he no longer lives in the Czech Republic, some of his Czech adventures are still there to be found. Wherever in the world he posts from, it’s always entertaining and enlightening.

Collection Postcards: If you have an interest in UNESCO sites and postcards, you may want to pay this site a visit. Run by an Italian lady, the page is dedicated to collecting and displaying postcards from the world’s UNESCO sites. She has collected cards from all of the existing Czech World Heritage Sites and has a wish list of sites she still seeks postcards for, perhaps you live near one and can help her.

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  1. Hi Kevan V! Not sure what happened to Google Maps but they didn’t work at all while I was in Prague and I tried web and app navigation. I managed to find there map on that was also very useful so i would like to add it here.

    1. Hi Jakob, thanks so much for the heads up on the map website. I usually use when I’m getting around in the Czech Republic as it’s Czech created and typically mas more up to date maps of Czech towns and cities than Google Maps does.

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