Czech Republic-Culture Smart! Book

The Czech Republic-Culture Smart! book in paperback format.

So, You Want to Know the Czechs…

In late 2018, I was contacted quite out of the blue by the editor of UK based Kuperard Publishers and asked if I would be interested in writing the second edition of the Czech Republic volume of their “Culture Smart!” series of books.

After explaining to me that they had seen Beyond Prague and quite liked my writing style, I accepted the offer. I never imagined myself an author or that I would ever get the opportunity to write a book, but in the spirit of the old saying: “You regret more the things you don’t do than the things you do.” I jumped at the chance.

After around three years of work, lots of editing, delays due to COVID and some adjusting text to fit changes going on in the country while I was writing; the book went to press at the end of October 2021.

Fast forward to early April of 2022 and I have examples of the finished paperback edition of the book in hand.

I can say that writing the book was an adventure and an education that I enjoyed very much.

About the Culture Smart! Series

Culture Smart! is a series of books designed to help travellers avoid the chances of culture shock in their destination countries.

The second edition books in the series come in at 200 pages or so and the paperback editions are nicely sized to be readable, but not take up too much space in your backage. Certainly the sort of thing you could easily take in your carry on bag and read on your way to your destination.

The books contain sections on the people and history, values and attitudes, festivals and traditions,making friends, home life, leisure time, health and safety, doing business and communicating in general.

The second edition books also have appendices for useful smartphone apps in your destination country and a list of “firsts” if someone in that country was the first person in the world to make a particular accomplishment.

The books also contain small bibliography sections and are illustrated with black and white photos.

About the Czech Republic Volume in the Series

My primary goal that I set for myself when writing this book, other that to update the first edition, was to make a book about the Czech Republic that was less Prague-centric than most travel books about the country tend to be. It’s rare that a national capital reflects what you’ll find in other parts of the country, and the Czech Republic is no exception to that.

In the end, I have a book that shows a significant update to what was in the first edition. Approximately 80 to 90% of the second edition is fresh material.

I sincerely hope that the book will give travellers to the Czech Republic a better overall idea of the country and culture than previous books of the genre have done.

It is also my hope that the book honours and respects the Czechs themselves in both historical and contemporary context, as well as break a few lingering stereotypes about the Czech people and their culture.

You can find publication information and links to ordering either the paperback or ebook editions at this dedicated page on the Culture Smart! website.