Czech Language Resources

Want to pick up a bit of Czech?

Whether you’re coming as a tourist or settling in for a longer stay, coming to grips with the local language of wherever you are will pay dividends.

Here are a some websites with a number of resources for learning at least some basic phrases in Czech, plus more if you’re up for the challenge:

SlowCZECH is run by a native Czech who teaches Czech language to foreigners. The site contans many podcasts and other listening materials that cover a range of realistic situations in Czech at a variety of skill levels. Emphasis is put on communicative use of the language and the grammar component is light:

Good Czech is a blog started in 2018 that features short and relatively simple Czech texts that include glossary sections at the end. It’s great for some quick reading practice and the subjects of the articles are relevant to everyday life, so it gives you words and phrases that you very likely could find yourself using with some regularity.

There is also the option to have audio to go with the text if you want to hear correct pronunciation, but that is a paid option:

Local Lingo has been around for several years and is a well known resource for Czech phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation and basic grammar:

Czech Class 101 is a quite modern and interactive site covering a broad range of aspects of the Czech language through interactive games, audio and video clips along with many other presentations and activities geared to modern mobile technologies and social media outlets.

It does require you to open an account, which is free, and there is a bit of a learning curve to get it working fully. However, there is a well organized help section to guide you in using it:

The popular Duolingo website has Czech in its catalog of available languages as well:

Similarly, the Memrise website also has a Czech language learning section:

Kamila of Prague – Lessons Between the Angel and the Lion is a site run by a Prague based teacher of English who also teaches Czech to foreigners. While not exclusively a Czech language learning site, there are some good articles about common mistakes learners of Czech make plus some other useful Czech related content: