Česnečka – A Big Bowl of Garlicky Goodness

Česnečka: The Czech culinary cure for everything – except bad breath.

Hangovers, Vampires and the Common Cold: Be Gone!

Garlic figures quite prominently in Czech cuisine, so it’s little surprise that there is a dish or two designed to highlight this ingredient.

Česnečka, a very traditional Czech garlic soup, can be found everywhere across the Czech lands and is one of the basic dishes of the national cuisine. It’s not at all unusual to find it available as a starter or as the soup of the day in many Czech restaurants.

This soup is traditionally considered a cure for a wide variety of ailments covering natural, supernatural and self inflicted varieties:

Do you have a cold or flu? Have some Česnečka.
Have a hangover? Chow down on some Česnečka.
Demonic possession? Start with Česnečka and work from there.
The list goes on….

Whatever its curative powers may or may not be, this soup is tasty if nothing else. I fully recommend you try some, either as a starter or simply on its own.

Make Some Yourself

Don’t despair if you don’t find yourself in the Czech Republic. You can make your own Česnečka at home.

While local variations exist; Česnečka consists of a broth base, some onions, potatoes, grated cheese, croutons and, of course, garlic.

This link to the Czech Gastronomy website will give you a recipe for you to try making this lovely soup for yourself.

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