Once More Skyward! – A Swing Over the South East

Winging it over Buchlov Castle
Winging it over Buchlov Castle

In the Skies of Slovácko

Slovácko, or Moravian Slovakia as it’s translated into English, is an ethnographic region of the Czech Republic which straddles the South Moravia and Zlín regions and forms the south east corner of the country.

A large part of the Czech wine growing region falls into Slovácko and the local dialects and folk traditions show, to greater and lesser degrees, linguistic and folk influences from neighboring Slovakia.

The town of Kunovice is well within Slovácko. In early April of 2014, I visited Kunovice for the opening of the museum’s 40th anniversary season. The weather wasn’t so good, but the event was enjoyable and the local flying club was selling sightseeing flights. I happily bought a 20 minute flight and soon found myself taking pictures of two major tourist draws in the vicinity:

Buchlov Castle

Buchlov dates to the 13th century and shares it’s name with the nearby town of Buchlovice.

Slovacky flying 2
Slovacky flying 3
Slovacky  flying 4

Basilica of St. Cyril and Methodius

Located in the town of Velehrad, the most important place of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic, this basilica was twice visited by Pope John Paul II.

Slovacky flying 5
Slovacky flying 7

The Kunovice Air Museum

On the return trip to the airport, I snapped this image of the air museum:
Slovacky flying 7

If you’d like to see some images of the museum and its exhibits, please follow this link to my entry on it on my other blog:


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