Zetor Gallery – Tractoring Through Time

Looking down a line of historic Zetor tractor models.

A Showcase of Success

Established in 1946, Brno based Zetor has been pioneering and innovating tractor technology for decades. Zetor was one of the first tractor manufacturers in the world to take driver comfort and safety into account and incorporate ergonomic features and roll cages in their tractor designs. Today, Zetor maintains a reputation for design excellence and exports to almost 50 countries across five continents.

In June of 2013, at their factory in Brno’s Lišeň suburb, Zetor opened the Zetor Gallery. The facility is both a showroom for the company’s present production models and a museum for older, historic models.

Compact but Comprehensive

Looking into the entry atrium at current production models and a proposed future design.

Spread across two modestly sized floors, the gallery makes the most of its space and gives a visitor not only the chance to get up close to an assortment of tractors, but also to learn a good amount about the company history and many of the innovations they have made in tractor technology.

The display is clearly geared to self guiding types and features three very modern interactive touch screen information terminals distributed through the display galleries. All information is presented in Czech, English, French, German and Polish.

The gallery has four areas to visit. From the entry hall, which houses the company’s showroom of current models, visitors proceed to the historical hall where they can examine restored and maintained tractors dating back to the founding of the company.

A trip upstairs will give visitors a look “under the skin” of a Zetor tractor via a selection of cutaway engines and transmissions.

The final room, also on the second floor, serves as a relaxation and temporary exhibition area that forms an atrium with the entry hall so it is possible to look into the showroom from above.

Modern and Interactive 

Computer animation of a tractor engine seen on one of the gallery’s three interactive terminals.

The Zetor Gallery has a very clean and modern atmosphere throughout and is quite welcoming to families. I’ve seen a few families with small children during my visits who were taking great pleasure in exploring the tractors that were open to sit in, of which there were several.

The three touch screen information terminals are very user friendly and I found the quality of English in them to be very good indeed.

The relatively small size of the gallery is offset by the large amount of natural light which comes in, so the exhibit area feels much bigger than it actually is.

The gallery also features a well stocked souvenir shop with a variety of Zetor themed merchandise.

Visiting Zetor Gallery 

Zetor related souvenirs on display and available in the gift shop.

While the Zetor Gallery is not located in the centre of Brno, it is a simple tram ride from the centre and a short walk to get to.

The gallery is open Monday through Sunday and charges a very modest admission fee.

This link will take you to the gallery web site for further information:


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