Czechs and Balances – A Nation’s Survival Kit

Czechs and Balances – A Nation’s Survival Kit
By: Benjamin Kuras
Editions: 1996, 1998, 2008

Commentary based on 1998 edition (ISBN: 80-7214-136-8)

Written by a Czech expatriate living in the UK, this book is a funny and informative insight into the Czech character and key historical events which have had a hand in making the Czechs what they are.

Mr. Kuras is not only a native Czech, but also a Czech who has lived for many years outside his birthland. As such, his views are well balanced between that of a cultural insider and from an outsider looking in.

The style of writing is very accessible and readable. The book is particularly useful at introducing the often dark, dry and self-depricating Czech sense of humour to potential visitors to the country.