Hustopeče – Heart of Wine and Almonds

This weekend is the annual almond festival in the town of Hustopeče, not far from Brno, in the South Moravian wine region.

Hustopeče is home to the only almond orchard in central Europe, it is unusual as almonds like the warmer and drier regions of southern Europe.

Many people come from all around the country to see the almond trees in bloom and sample many of the almond based delicacies on offer. Many restaurants in the town serve dishes with almonds in the mix during this time.

Here’s a few photos I took of the event this year:

3 thoughts on “Hustopeče – Heart of Wine and Almonds

  1. Really enjoying your photos and information, lures to travel east from Canada! Would it be possible to put in brackets after the Czech word the pronunciation?

    Huge thanks.

    1. Hi Barb, thanks for enjoying the website and your kind comments. I’ve never thought about making notes on Czech pronunciation in my articles, you’re the first person to ask me about it. I’ll give it some thought as a future development on the website. In the meantime, this is a quite well put together guide on Czech pronunciation that can help you work out some sounds:

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